Data protection one-pager

This service collects personal data of its users.

B. Braun Melsungen AG 
Carl-Braun-Straße 1 
34212 Melsungen 

Data Protection Officer: Peter Berg, Data Protection Department, address mentioned above

Which data are entered by the provider in relation to you?

You can set up a user account on this service and with this use the offering of the provider. For this purpose you must enter access data (mostly user name/e-mail address and password) and share these with the provider.

You can enter data, which are not necessary for your Internet use and nevertheless include your personal information. This can, for example, be your address, your date of birth or your marital status.

Functions of social networks are integrated with this offer, which you may use. This may be the possibility, to share contents of the provider, to "like" or to register on this site with the registration function of your social network.

In which manner does the provider collect your data?

You can enter data on this service (in particular e-mail address or user name) without creating a user account. For example, the participation in a competition, registration for a newsletter or posting in a forum.

Data, which you enter on the site, are transmitted to the provider via a secured connection.

The provider analyzes the surf behavior of the users in order to improve its service (for example by analyzing at which point users spend a particularly long amount of time or however increasingly interrupt the use).

This service requires so-called access authorizations in order to offer you various functions. Which authorizations these are, you can also find out in your app settings.

What does the provider use your data for?

The provider analyzes the surf behavior of an individual user in order to improve and personalize its service for each individual user (for example "male/female" or "last viewed article").

The provider places advertising for third parties and enables the advertiser to survey data about the surf behavior of the users. These data are used in order, for example, to personalize advertising, recommendations and further offers and to adjust these to the interests of the users.

The provider enables third parties to collect data about the surf behavior of individual users. These data are used in order, for example, to display personalized advertising, recommendations and further offers to you (also those of the provider) on third party sites.

With regard to the detailed version of our data protection notices.