Fastening systems

High quality of plastic

Rail fastenings are the structural elements in a permanent way that are subjected to the most intensive loads. The ability of plastics to be matched to the particular requirements in respect of the geometry of the product and the properties of the material have given them their top position for nearly all rail fastening components. In this segment we fabricate all the parts employed in rail fastenings from structural plastics.

30 innovative details

A special development strategy for highly elastic rail fastenings enabled us in co-operation with the company RST GmbH to realize more than 30 innovative details in one rail fastening system for high-speed traffic on fixed railway lines. In an indirect rail fastening these 30 details ensure achievement of all the targets set by the development engineers of the Deutsche Bahn AG as well as also international technical specifications.

To be found in the fastening illustrated are no less than 6 different plastic components from the firm of Paul Müller.
The sandwich plate of micro-cellular, closed cell foamed HYTREL ensures all the required elasticity criteria over the service life of a rail and the complete spectrum of temperature and climate and achieves this with the very lowest dynamic stiffening.

Buttom line

  • Ability to be adjusted in respect of height in accordance with the German Federal Railway Authority approval + 60 mm
  • Lateral adjustability ± 5 mm ( optional ± 10 mm)
  • Rail-head deflection at 60 mm height adjustment < 1 mm
  • Long-term stability and stability in respect of climate for all elastic plastic components
  • Application in local traffic systems with resilience characteristics below 5 kN/mm (secondary noise emissions produced in a tunnel < 50 dB A)
  • The elastic sandwich plate is pre-loaded with a maximum of 6 kN and accordingly remains extremely fatigue resistant
  • With high-speed traffic the rail fastenings rebound within milliseconds and ensure full elasticity for all axles

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